By the way... I also love to write!

During my time in New York, I've sought to further my writing style in essays, plays, and screenplays, some of which have been published/produced here in the city! I have a passion for play development and independent film, and try to always question the accessibility of a craft in both production and consumption. This has led me to work with such organizations as Dixon Place, Sitting Shotgun, and Grain of Salt Magazine. Joining the New York City Artists Corps as a NYFA Grant Recipient in 2021 gave me the opportunity to dedicate more time to this pursuit of ground-up creation, and produced a few new projects.

Feel free to check out my work below! With a frequent focus on class and intimacy, I try to create pieces that are as equally worth empathy are they are worth discomfort. Seeking the "aesthetic rehabilitation of good intentions," I hope to find ways to observe the ambiguities of human behavior without condemning them. And sometimes, I like a comedy!


Warmer is a modern fable about how willing we are to lose ourselves in the pursuit of love.

Feature-length screenplay.


Harry's Corner is a multi-media comedy following an independent broadcaster who struggles to connect with both his audience and his creative team.

One-act staged play.


Morning explores Frank O'Hara's titular poem as we follow three stories concerning intimacy, isolation, and unsaid sensations brought about by one's fantasies of love.

Short film screenplay.

HSR Final Draft

The Hanekian Sexuality Rubric was created in an effort to observe and recreate the director's (Michael Haneke) form. Contextualized in film theory, drawing from such film scholars as Andre Bazin, Laura Mulvey, Serge Daney, and Linda Williams, I explore how Haneke views and interacts with the "obscene" and the "explicit."

Academic essay.