Jack has taken a special interest in theater development since moving to the city in 2017. After spending time as an archive assistant (turned box-office manager) at downtown staple Dixon Place, this passion was solidified, leading him to such spaces as The  Theater for the New City, La Mama, and the John Desotelle Theater. His first full-length play, For Now, premiered in 2019 in the New York Winterfest. Since then, Jack has continued to write new work for the stage and screen, both personal projects and commissioned works. 

Raised in (and by) community theater, Jack's favorite stories vary from zippy English farces to gut-twisting domestic dramas. In his work, he frequently focuses on class dynamics, masculinity, and the function- and fictions- of intimacy. His inspirations include Nicky Silver, John Guare, and Annie Baker. Previous workshop/production credits include Rich Kid (Sitting Shotgun, 2019), Seven (Pace University, 2018), and Harry's Room (The Boneyard, 2021). His new play produced with Star Street Productions, The Naval Gazers, will have its first workshop in the summer of 2024. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out for writing samples! Email Jack at jackpbh1108@gmail.com

FOR NOW, 2019. Featuring Chris Briney, Olivia Yount, Micaela Toomey, Nicholas Spore, Bradley Patchet, and Jason Schlaman.